A work team is composed of members who collaborate and cooperate for one common purpose . To work together in a team it is necessary that all members use their different skills and abilities, both physical and mental, for the good of the group . A good team needs is a strong leader, but also needs a solid base of people who know how to work well together. Following a series of guidelines, it is possible to become a good member of a team.

Define the objectives of the team, putting them in writing. Allow team members to develop solutions to meet the goal, giving them real responsibility to raise a sense of belonging. Listen actively. When a team member actively listens, he not only waiting for the opportunity to intervene in order to expose their ideas . Addressing immediately any misunderstandings that could cause problems to the club . If there is something that is causing problems, immediately notify the team leader and other members, without waiting for someone else speak. It is possible that only one member has identified the problem and therefore it is up to it to try to correct it.


Allow team members to choose their tasks and roles. Ensure complete clarity on individual responsibility, avoiding any overlap of delegated functions. Encourage creative methods of problem-solving and new ideas. Discourage conflicting interests among members, fostering a culture of collaboration for the team’s success. You motivate yourself and others. When a team is motivated by its members, is able to remain strong and united. Part of the motivation is to understand the importance of each individual member, and make the team appreciate each of them.

Admit their guilt when you make a mistake. This is a hard lesson for many people, but it is also one of the best ways to be successful when working on a team. If the other team members notice that you are willing to recognize the your mistakes, you will gain their respect and you can be an example for others, in case you make a mistake. Put in place the metrics for the evaluation of team and individual progress. Let the members decide on the measurement mode and the time interval for the creation of a fund to reward outstanding performance.