Many states are now relying on supplementary pensions or complementary to cope with the maintenance of pensions. The system is run by private individuals, especially in the current phase with the budgets of many countries that do not allow more than provide decent pensions for the foreseeable future. The basic concept of the new pension is, the provision of regular small savings or severance pay during their working life, which will integrate the public pension . Since the outlook is bleak for the elderly of the future, you should start thinking about this additional system already in initial working age . Currently, the Italian pension system is so divided: public pension, pension funds or closed (negotiated between association of workers and employers), pension funds (offered by banks, insurance companies, financial companies), individual pension plans (insurance products regulated ). The retirement calculator funds are aimed at all and it is the signing of a policy in effect, then we see how taking out a policy for the pension fund .

To take out an insurance policy pension fund , you must inform us at our partner bank, insurance or financial intermediary. In this way we can understand how the management of capital. Alternatively, we can get news on the internet, browsing websites on the banking and insurance from which you can download all the modules that we need, including the one for membership.


The considerations to be made ​​concerning the amount to be set aside, the upright (duration of the pension plan) and the yield, the terms of which vary according to the manager. Payment is feasible through two systems, or through the transfer of our post-employment benefits in the fund, or paying their own way. Membership with TFR can be made ​​by the employer by completing and signing the appropriate documentation. Interesting is the tax on the amount of contributions, we can deduct up to a threshold of € 5,164.57.

If the contractual conditions satisfy us and we decide to continue with the stipulation, we must not do is contact the party distributor that we have chosen (banks, insurance) closer to us and sign the policy is useful to know that the market for supplementary pensions is regulated by COVIP (Board of Supervisors on pension funds ) to which reference may be made ​​of any doubts.