Thinking of buying a property in Paris to move here? Here are some tips to guide you.

To successfully purchase a property it is essential to have an idea of ​​your budget. The traditional division right bank left bank continues to influence prices. And in 2012 this is not the 16th which has been awarded the borough the most expensive! The sixth and seventh to rub the upper margin of price per square meter (13,668 euros). The 19th and 20th rub them on the lower margin (5,782 euros).

Successful purchase of a property is to choose your neighborhood

A budget equal all neighborhoods are created equal! Before concluding the purchase of a property find out about the access to transport, sports facilities, local shops. Depending on your workplace and your habits a neighborhood may be preferable to another. Districts also are more populated than others. If you like a little space (relative) prefer the first district in the 15th. Finally listen to your heart and follow your instincts! A city a little nostalgic probably prefers the Buttes Chaumont to the many towers of the 13th district!


Successful purchase of a property is choose its intermediaries

To successfully purchase a property do not hesitate to contact agencies. The move by those it is often more advantageous. While individuals do not take margin. But the only emotional tie that binds them with their well, they tend to inflate prices. Their property is still better than another! Go through a notary may also be a good track, as well as sales at the helm of the courts. Whatever happens always keep in mind that prices are questionable!

Successful purchase of a property is multiply visits

Buying a property requires making visits at different times to better judge the environment, see nuisance. During these visits, make sure the condition of water pipes, heating, electricity. Inquire about any work done. In a condominium do not forget to ask about the amount of charges. Ask to see the building regulations. Finally make sure that the orientation of the property for you.

Successful purchase of a property is to know all the tricks of financing

For the purchase of your property get help! Besides the traditional bank loan, there are additional loans regulated by the government. The lowest incomes are eligible for interest-free loan through the famous loan (PTZ +). Young people are not left with the Paris housing loan zero percent. For some others have rates of interest at unbeatable prices. This is the case of the loan agreement (PC). Loans from pension funds, mutual, professional organizations may also be advantageous. And if you do not have the option of getting a loan because your income is too irregular think about your loved ones. They will then give you confidently through the signing of an acknowledgment of debt (deed) which recognize as a creditor. A successful real estate purchase in Paris is ultimately not very complicated. You just, to know its financing capacity, and not to avoid unpleasant surprises, ask the right questions.