Sell ​​a floor is a process that requires patience and dedication. The key factor is the selling price of the flat, but there are other things that influence.

Among the elements that determine the speed of the sale of a house is the image that offers the same, which should always be the best, and good management of the sale, taking the maximum possible clients. The latter is achieved with good advice from a real estate agent, which is responsible for advertising and intermediary between the buyer and seller.

The selling price of a flat

First, it should be noted that the sales price is the key factor in order to sell a flat. The pricing that make financial institutions may differ to the low market price of a property. Currently, these are not used to grant a mortgage for more than 80% of the appraised value , so if the price of the house that is for sale is well above valuation, the buyer should be putting more money of pocket. When a house is well located, well maintained and has all services available, it is very unlikely to have visitors interested in buying it if the price is not in line with the current state of the property market.

On the other hand, a house without a lift, in a residential peripheral or poor condition is an ideal candidate to be rejected. Times change, and although there are times when almost everything is sold, when reason and common sense dominate, housing that is acquired is usually one that has the basic requirements of habitability and comfort.



Being advised by a real estate agent can help expedite the sale of a flat. Counseling can provide clues as to the correctness of the chosen sales price, the documentation required for the sale procedures, etc. When we use a real estate agency, it is responsible for the owner of the property of:

1. Attend visits to teach the home.
2. Make filter for stakeholders seeking information but not to suit your needs will not buy, or which by their purchasing power can not buy that story.
3. Ask the property advertising in the print media and / or online.
4.Attend the necessary paperwork to the proceedings of the sales floor.

The real estate agent or real estate agency can make the process much easier sale to the seller, as they have experience in selling homes. Obviously, the weak point is that real estate agents charge a commission to be subtracted from the selling price. For this reason, we need to assess the different estate agents in terms of services offered and the cost they charge for them.

The image of the house

The image of the property is key to a potential buyer feel interested. For this purpose you can do several things to improve:

1. Paint the walls and ceilings of all rooms and rooms of the house, which will give an image of neatness and “new.”
2. Deep cleaning of the house, so that dirt, dust, etc. not distract the buyer.
3. Order the house so you can see well the house, no hassles or obstacles for the visit.
4. Prevent objects are in view broken causing the impression that the house is in disrepair.
5. Decoration: made with plants, objects, etc. to beautify the floor allow the potential buyer will make a good idea of ​​what would live in that house. Sometimes, those little details make the difference.
6. Repair minor damage in faucets, ceilings, etc, Which spoil the good image of the property, and can hinder treatment of the sale.

In short, the speed at which it can sell a floor depends ultimately seller. So, if you are willing to be competitive in the sale price, we use a good realtor and is able to provide a good picture of the house, is sure to eventually sell the property quickly.