The corporate training is an activity program that enables employees to improve their skills in order to meet business needs. These needs arise from a combination of factors, such as the changes in business strategy, organizational structure, technological processes. To help companies keep up with the times and make front investment required for the training, you can apply for funding. To achieve this we need to present a training plan. It is a program that contains the project or projects in which they are exposed to training activities and the estimate of the costs of their implementation. Must include, in addition, the agreement signed by the representative bodies of the social enterprise and territorial . A training plan can have a maximum duration of 12 months and may involve more companies. Let’s see how to submit a corporate training plan.

First, you can get the funding for the training plan only if the company funding of at least one third of the total cost, unless the training project is not carried out, in full, in working hours. The training plan must be submitted by the individual or together with other companies associated, at any time of year and through the Information System of the Fund . To access the system you must register. Then we’re going to show the personal data of the company. you can follow this link


Once registered, the Information System sends an e-mail to our e-mail address to tell your registration. In a second step we will receive the access data, user name and password in a sealed envelope. In the case in which, we did not use the password, six months after it is disabled for security reasons. Received data for the access, we enter the Information System, refer to our Social Security number and complete the section on to master.