Let us assume that you are the entrepreneurs and you want to present a business idea to some potential lenders . The fears of not being able to effectively communicate your idea of not having correctly summarized the data on the future prospects of the company, not to be able to convey the right amount of enthusiasm are the most common. Throughout this guide we will see how to file a idea on how to do business and investors .

The rule d gold to remember in the world of entrepreneurship is: to create value. L company viewed as a set of technical and human capital aimed at achieving certain goals, must generate a utility to the consumer and, in a broader sense, must contribute to the betterment of society by offering goods or services. Do not ask, first, how to present a business idea, ask yourself objectively if your project is able to create value. The lenders will not want to invest in some little empty and innovative proposals. But how do you create value? Start by thinking about something different, something revolutionary. Microsoft has made ​​the computer a good thing for everyone, Apple has been able to contain an unprecedented technology in the palm of one hand only, the Olivetti Adriano Olivetti was able to give life to one of the most solid business models the past few decades creating a product that soon became the symbol of the ‘post-war Italy. This is to create value.


To submit a business idea is no need to pass a first big hurdle : write the business plan to present to investors . The business plan is not just a disclosure document at all, the business plan is the ‘element that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the eyes of potential investors will prefer an entrepreneurial project to another. Present a good plan of company is a little how to present yourself in a job interview with the right amount of enthusiasm and boldness, confidence in their knowledge and their skills. Presenting a bad document, however, can only be to end your ambitious project on a shelf in an office somewhere, perhaps gathering dust for the next few years. Behold, below, the advice for a good business plan.

Another important section of the business plan is absolutely necessary to be able to present a ‘business idea is the summary of the objectives for the development of’ enterprise. What to write in this part of the document? Mission of the company: what ‘is the ultimate goal of your company ? What is the reason for which it was created and is preparing to operate in the markets and, above all, what distinguishes it from others? The mission of the company Walt Disney was: “To make people happy”, or “make people happy.” Vision of ‘enterprise: what are the long-term goals that you want to pursue considering your mission? Bill Gates , said in 1980, referring to the vision of Microsoft: “(…) a personal computer on every desk, and each computer with Microsoft software installed ” values ​​of enterprise: what are the values ​​that inspire your action? Do you believe in a sustainable progress, believe in a better exploitation of existing technologies, are constantly engaged in the development of groundbreaking technologies?

How to make a ‘business idea? To recap: – Draw up a good business plan; blow your more time, rather than settle for mediocre results; – Fix well your mission, your vision and your values ​​d ‘enterprise; – Study the new communication techniques used on the web. – Do not be afraid to seem excessive; dare you!