This guide to the world of work, I explain how to start an Internet cafe, activities for you if you love computers and technology. Because now need access to the Internet is at all times, this type of service offers customers use of the network at a hourly rate. As a general rule, remember that success requires an Internet cafe in the right position, an attractive design as well as sound equipment. It is also necessary that you have a good computing experience. Here’s how to get started.

First, it is very important to choose a suitable location for your Internet cafe. Consider the target customers who visit your coffee generally will be boys or businessmen. The zone must obviously be well covered by all types of network Internet. Then you have to choose the place for your business. This step is very important because customers need to have the maximum possible number of stations, with the right amount of privacy. Choose the right size tables and comfortable chairs. The design will be studied in detail, and for this purpose it will be useful to entrust an expert in the field.

Customers use computers at an Internet cafe in Taiyuan, Shanxi province

The budget at your disposal will be decisive for the number of computer to buy. If you do not have a lot of money, you can always start with a few pc, and then increase it in the future, when you start earning. The computer’s purchase right is important, as it is essential that it is equipped with computer systems able to function optimally. If the terminals are too slow in fact risk losing customers and their bottom line. Then choose a network server, which will be used to connect all the computers in your Internet cafe and transmit data.

At this point you must have a router Internet, which allows you to establish a web connection of terminals. Remember to install a powerful anti-virus software on your computer. For they, being accessible to the public must ensure total protection from hackers and viruses. Contact an information specialist in the most appropriate way to proceed. Think finally to set your price, taking into account the addition of services, such as scanning documents and sending them by fax. Be patient with constancy to see the first results, which will surely come.