How to start a company of web hosting? Proceed is certainly not simple. Making the target with this type of business means that you will be able to provide more space and bandwidth for customers who want to enter websites on the Internet. Before you buy hosting equipment, such as servers and platforms, you will need to know how to properly manage your company, how much to charge for your services and systems which offer to customers. Carefully planned your business to succeed and stand out from the numerous competition.

Create the first thing a business plan detailing and punctual. Decide from the beginning what you want to offer your customers and determine their prices. You will need to have a clear idea of how much capital you will need to launch your business and to buy the server and bandwidth . Do not forget to include the cost of staff. You should also consider whether to conduct company individually, or hire additional staff, which will include technical support and a possible marketing office.


Buy the tools you need and make sure they are running smoothly before you begin to enter into contracts. Carefully check your gear will help you retain customers in the long run. Choose various packages. If it is an “all inclusive”, you must decide how to divide it. Design your web site to sell the packages. If you are not able to go it alone, hire a professional designer. It is essential you know: forums and platforms for link exchanges are perfect. Do not underestimate this step because competition in the web hosting is fierce, and the ads are the only way to bring in new customers. You can also use the search engine optimization (SEO) and their techniques, so that your site appears in the top positions with major search engines.

With regard to the bureaucratic aspect, you have to go to the Inland Revenue of your city and you release the VAT and Tax Code associated with your business. Especially in the beginning, promote your services. You can buy suitable advertising space on websites popular or implement advertising campaigns on television and radio. Interested users need to know that your company is solid and offering competitive rates in relation to other operators of web spaces. Consider the idea of offering special services or discounts to chlorine that will create an account with your business.

Supports each individual customer. Offering immediate help to solve problems related to hosting, you shall call his position in a professional and competent. Put provide a prompt support. This device will increase the positive reviews, and in turn will expand the list of contacts. Expand as possible to the customer network, acquiring with the passage of time more servers, increasing the bandwidth and constantly forming the staff to keep pace with demand and new implementations .