In a time of crisis like the present, we must not lose heart but try to improve their working conditions by investing in themselves and their own ideas. For young entrepreneurs , many banks and regional trade associations that offer incentives, so it will be good to learn about it. Here I will explain how to start a small business .

Calculate how much capital you have available to invest in your new venture . The more money you have, the larger will be the options that you can take thoughtlessness. Try to ask for a loan from a local bank, if you do not have the credit and the necessary means to pay for the start-up in a single solution. Select the type of business sector that interests you. The possibilities are virtually endless. If you want ideas or suggestions, take a cue from the network or from specific manuals. The most prolific and easy to manage are those of clothing and technology. After selecting the area where you want to get in the game, examine it thoroughly, both in terms of the marketing techniques that new ideas to offer, in order to beat the competition.


You decide, perhaps making you help from a trusted accountant, if you open a private company as sole proprietor or company, and handles the bureaucratic process associated with it: every type of legal structure has different rules to follow. Went to the tax in your area and release the facts VAT and Tax Code associated with your business. In addition, you must subscribe to the Chamber of Commerce and submit the regular license, in addition to pay an annual membership fee. Finally, you will need to open an account in a commercial business lender that offers good incentives.

Choose your location to location in a rather busy area and well served by public transport, to have a greater influx of customers especially in the early days, you invest a lot in advertising, which aims to make you know and expand the network of your contacts. Build a plan of action: write in detail every step useful to proceed in a rational manner and optimize resources in this plan include them the project of production, including budget expenditures and revenues and every business move that involves your company’s mission, as well as a detailed planning of personnel employed and their respective tasks.