Italians are known for their spirit of initiative as part of doing business, they often gave vent to their entrepreneurial skills not only in the territory of the nation but also to the ‘foreign, industrial and commercial complexes and starting most of the time out of nowhere, whose names and logos are still the subject of Italian pride. Throughout this guide we will see the key points to go through to be able to better hoe to start a business abroad.

As in all activities, even in that in foreign territory requires an accurate well defined plan that takes into account a number of important factors, including the practical and economic aspects. Council then to assist us in this project to take advice from professionals or consult a bibliography about the opening of business abroad. To get to know the area in which you will then go to work, should do no less than six months of practice in the field in which you want to open the business.


With the prospect of better knowledge of the territory in which you are going to place your business, please contact the Institute for National Commerce with foreign countries. Thanks to the consultation it is possible to find different social and economic information on the territory. Council then also consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they are often published contributions about the commercial activity abroad. Just recently in fact the chance to develop their economic activity abroad has increased.

Once you have chosen the territory in which to operate if you have a decent budget you can envisage to detect their activities already underway to mitigate the possible risks There are several sites that deal with report and retrieve any type of information about activities in selling wholesale ‘foreign, among them “So Want To Live” and “Mg Estate” where you can find different opportunities and offers. If site instead young entrepreneurs might think about making a experience of about 6 months with the project “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” This will allow you to work in facilities outside the country at the end of this period you can decide whether continue in that same area in Italy , or through the contacts acquired during the six months to start your new business abroad .