Electronic commerce has become popular in recent years, and with it the demand for online shopping but, how to do it safely?

Buy online seems to be the fashion of the century, and it is to be a day having firsthand the technological tools, is vital. The problem with this new way to trade is when the user faces the how? and the problem of how to recognize a secure site, the network provides a hundred places flooded with offers. But shopping online is a good way to save time and money doing it from the comfort of home, there are many discounts that can be found in this way, such as airline tickets, books, buy all kinds of clothes , music download , among many other products offered by virtual trade.

What should you keep in mind when buying online?

The most important councils to take into account when looking for the pages to shop online are:

1. First of all make shopping safe sites and known (as explained below).
2. Ensure the variety of products they offer different pages, contrasting prices between them.
3. Very important is to review the characteristics of the product being purchased, this will prevent unwanted product purchase.
4. Verify that the information required by the page is strictly necessary, otherwise we must avoid giving information such as phone numbers or addresses, if necessary leave the page in case of suspicion.
5. Never write the key credit card, banks have special systems that provide online transaction security (contact at your bank first).
6. Maintain contact with the seller or the store where you purchased the product to avoid losses.
7. Read great purchase contracts, remember to make the transaction beforehand is accepting the contract, the future may be rocky with the product, such as warranty.
8. Check with friends or acquaintances degree of experience in online sites, remember that many sites offer forums for expressing the user experience.
9. Make purchases from a safe place, preferably a personal computer, an internet cafe ever since.

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard --- Image by © Matthias Kulka/Corbis

How to recognize pages safe to buy online?

Before making a purchase you should always make use of the above recommendations, to access the Web site to verify that the address in the browser is as stated, contrary to what is searchable by other means, which is the address of the site that you want to purchase.

Shopping at the websites of known sites, such as chain stores or shops nearby, even if possible recognize the phone numbers or e-mail companies, to communicate before making the purchase. A council practical to use the virtual customer service for these shopping sites to verify safety.

The page must be registered in official bodies, avoid accessing these via links or advertisements inserted when they arrive in your mail or during a visit to a Web site. Finally it is very important that you keep all documents generated after making the purchase.

Dates important to find discounts on Internet

Any time of year can be good for shopping in the network, taking into account the previous councils, but December being a high intake date is needed to find many more discounts on the Web, than those found in the market. Finally, it is crucial to bear in mind that any service providers or product are bound by consumer laws in any country, to meet the guarantees offered.