Co-operatives are a valuable tool in which various owners and members, make their capital acts in the management and operation of the facility. The agricultural cooperatives are often the result of an aggregation of laborers, that they become part of providing services and work. The tax relief for this type of company , are remarkable, finally, it must be said that this company does not have a personal gain, but rather of mutual exchanges with shareholders. Let’s see how to set up an agricultural cooperative .

The preferential taxation of cooperatives is due to the fact that the various members , can not dissolve the cooperative and divide the assets, but will have to reinvest the capital for the development of the cooperative itself, which can not be sold. Everyone who wants to lick part , can be requested, it will be accepted by the other members, if he is able to offer services or work useful for the growth of the cooperative itself.


The agricultural cooperatives are comprised mostly of farmers and growers that are associated with performing the multiple activities of running the business, commercialization and eventual transformation of the products. Agricultural cooperatives can be divided into various types: “Support” (transfer of agricultural products or animal) and “work” (co-laborers).

To form an agricultural cooperative will need to go to a trade union such as Conflagration culture, Farmers CICD or at the Italian Confederation of Farmers In such structures, it will be possible to make use of specialized staff, can provide clarification on or play, in person, all the necessary paperwork. Also for this business sector, concessions are offered to young people under thirty Finally, the establishment of an agricultural cooperative must boast a number members minimum, the number is generally of nine (presence of natural persons and legal entities), and may be reduced to 3 in the case of natural persons and a maximum of 8 (provided that the shareholding structure of both natural persons). The capital needed will vary and be defined in relation to the project established and purpose of the However, the law provides for a minimum and maximum limit attributed to each member who will be € 25.00 (minimum) to 75,000 set for the upper limit. The profile Corporate includes: a “Shareholders’ Meeting of shareholders”, a “Board of Directors” and finally the election of a “Chief Executive”.