Many people will have heard of companies social, but few would be able to explain the meaning and operation. In this guide, therefore, we will outline the main aspects of which must take into account those who decide to be a ‘ company name and describe the requirements. Should be said, however, that the ‘ corporate social should not be confused with the non-commercial entities governed within the Legislative Decree nr. 460 dated December 4, 1997.

Let’s start by saying that the corporate social finds its definition in the Law no. 118 dated 13 June 2005, which states that it is a qualification that can be attributed to certain bodies who request it. Organizations that can aspire to be employed in a company social are those included in the Books I and V of the Civil Code and, more specifically, associations, foundations and committees and companies and consortia. The requirements that you must meet in order to submit a formal request are few: the institution must be private, non-profit organization, the object of company should cover the provision of goods or services socially useful and the percentage of revenues derived from ‘main activity shall not be less than 70%.


Because an entity may apply to have the status of company capital, it is necessary that its constitution is made ​​by public deed (deed or private deed) and that acts are prepared in accordance with state law for the different legal forms. Of incorporation must be compulsorily reported to the corporate purpose and non-presence of the profit, and the name of company capital. Another important document is, again, the statute inside of which dictated the rules of operation of the company and its internal organs. All these documents will be filed, within thirty days of the establishment, at the Office of the Registrar of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce jurisdiction.

To underline the fact that the documents and the procedure mentioned above are only required for the award of the qualification of business in society and must therefore be added to those which the law establishes normally for the establishment of the various agencies involved, depending on the legal form chosen . The sectors in which the companies can social work are the most diverse, ranging from assistance to social and health education and extra schooling, from environmental protection to the artistic and cultural heritage, to get to various forms of education and training. It must be remembered, finally, that in view of the usefulness of business social, could in the future be granted incentives or benefits.