Are several subjects, which driven by the desire to change their business use (or simply need to move to another city ), wish to permanently transfer their activities , putting it in sales to third parties . Below, I will give a few tips on how to sell a business and find potential buyers in a short time , (following one of several existing tools ).

The first method of sale undoubtedly effective is constituted by internet. There are many sites that offer the ability to place ads at no economic cost (for example, by registering with one of the famous online retailers ebay. En , immediately. En , or etsy. Commission will be able to publish their advert free of charge). It is therefore sufficient to make a brief search on the web to take advantage of this tool, in order to spread rapidly (within and beyond the political boundaries), of its intention to sell the business, (with the advantage of increasing the chances of finding a buyer even stranger , in times less long).


Take advantage of the potential and visibility of social networks (facebook, twitter, google +). The latter allow to rapidly disseminate news and updates, with the ability to create a wide circle of friendships and knowledge that can (through the sharing of your notice of sale), to spread to as many friends and acquaintances . It is therefore an excellent and easy sales tool free, should not be underestimated.

A free method in many ways similar to earlier, is the ability to create a simple free listing in the newspapers available on newsstands (preferably regional) currently latter method, turns out to be (as well as dissemination on the web), the most beneficial in an economic sense (because the seller acting independently, it is not obliged to provide third parties any commission). When you go on sale, you will find a large number of papers that will show you how to publish your advertisement so smoother.

Finally, remember that a method traditionally used to sell an asset, is made ​​from direct exposure of a sign (written with sale), in the windows of the reference datum. Although the method apparently more trivial and less effective (due to the territorial limit ), is currently the most frequently used.

Avail itself of the estate, is a further possibility to be taken into account. These can facilitate the sale of the activity, taking care to seek customers within their province of origin, in exchange for a payment of money to sale ended. Even this way, however, raises the question of territorial limit, which significantly reduces the possibility of finding customers beyond a certain boundary.