Whatever work you do, involves rights and duties for the employee and for the employer and rightly so. It is however up to the boss, scold their workers when there is a problem due to negligence. If you are surrounded by serious people capable, do not embitter relations, creating a tense atmosphere. Of skilled workers who can not make a positive contribution to your business. To reproach in effective way, just speak with the person concerned, letting her know where he went wrong. The purpose of this guide is just that, give you some suggestions on how to resolve the misunderstandings with the operators of your company.

Human um east” err” said the Latins, so keep that in mind before foundation against the employee . It is also true that there are serious and trivial errors, and workers and not scrupulous, but in human relationships is always best to avoid screaming or yelling at the other person. If you really were to happen, in a moment of anger, learn to apologize.


Before you scold the employee take a moment and think about what is best and in what way . Think also about why he was wrong (distraction, pressure, fatigue) and do not be afraid to take some of the blame if you have it. Determine the severity or damage caused by the negligent or harmful behavior. If the accident is not irreparable, do not overdo it with the fury against your employee.

After making clear in your mind about the incident, addressed the workers openly taking him aside and I reproving the error committed. Probably as a first response, will try to defend himself, and if he has valid reasons, be flexible and include maintaining a relationship of mutual respect. Anyway, try not to humiliate the worker , especially for trivial faults and remember that harass a worker in the presence of other colleagues , could be considered bullying and run the risk of ending up in legal issues.