All of us want to use our mobile devices to its maximum capacity, however the greatest problem that we all mobile users are facing is the short battery life of our handsets. Here are some useful tips that you can use to prolong the battery life on your mobile phone:

1. Turning the device off. Of course, your device will not use any battery charge if it is turned off. You may turn off your handset if you are not going to use it like while you are sleeping especially if you are not expecting any messages.
2. Memory effect. You should charge nickel cadmium batteries when it is fully drained since charging it when it is not yet fully drain will cause it to hold less charge. However, this is not true for modern batteries which you can charge whenever a notification for low battery is being displayed.
3. Turn off Bluetooth. Bluetooth on your device also uses battery. Turn it off when it is not in use.
4. Stop automatic search for wireless connection. Check your phone if it is constantly trying to connect to a wireless connection. Wireless connection consumes large amount of battery charge.
5. Use low brightness setting. Having brightness to 100% will use more juice than lower setting. Dimming your phone will save battery usage.

6. Lock your phone. Locking your device will avoid accidental pressing on the keypad that will lead to activating the backlight on the phone.
7. Turn of vibrate. The vibration device on your handset will use more battery than using just the ring-tone.
8. Power saver mode. Put your phone on power saving mode whenever possible. Power saver mode will cut most connection on your phone, thus saving your battery life.
9. Avoid animated wallpaper. Moving or animated wallpaper demand higher battery consumption, choose a still picture instead for your wallpaper.
10. Close background application. For modern phones that you could perform multi-tasking, there are times that we forget to close the application that we used. You might want to ask your mobile company on how to check all the running application on your phone and how to close them properly.
11. Set sync settings to manual. If you had set up a mailbox on your phone, make sure that you check the sync setting. Synchronizing your emails will use connection on your phone resulting to a demand on your battery charge.
12. GPS on maps application. Running the internal GPS device on your handset also consumes battery. Make sure to use this feature only when needed.
13. Silent mode.. Putting your handset on the silent mode will not only save you battery but also avoid being a nuisance in theaters or at work.
14. Only use compatible charger. Using other branded charger to charge your handset might result on the battery being damaged. Always use compatible chargers to avoid any complications on your phone.
15. Change battery when needed. Like all gadgets, batteries have their own economical life. You should change your battery when it is used for a long period of time or if it is not
holding charge anymore.

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