With the concept of casual work , we intend to describe the performance of a work performance is not continuous or occasional. The forms of employment occasional can of course be many features (eg activities performed inside the agricultural sector and other, non unmentionable here for reasons of space). Despite the seemingly complex features, we can say with certainty that the regularization of irregular work is possible. In fact this guide, I will show how to regularize irregular work.

The Italian legal system in recent times, has provided a particular form of regulation tends to regulate the employment status of persons performing loans absolutely not continuous. The tool adopted to this end, is constituted by c. D good job (or voucher ). The vouchers, guarantee to the worker his salary in addition to ensuring the normal fulfillment of contributory INPS and INAIL. As mentioned these particular good, they are currently provided for retirees, for the domestic care sector, agricultural and private teaching.


For more detailed information or clarifications, simply visit the website INPS ( in the section devoted to the good work ). As we shall see, can be purchased from the cut of ten Euros, and the fulfillment of the obligation is made ​​from the simple purchase of the good , (it is therefore necessary to carry out further formalities).

The good of course, must be completed fully and can be cashed at any post office, with an annual limit of about 5000 euro gross. This figure, however, is the maximum currently set by Italian law (so that we can properly speak of occasional work performance). In addition this figure would be needed further formalities, more expensive and peculiar.

As can be noted, the method of regularization (and contributions) illustrated above, is the one that best adapts to this particular workplace autonomous (in terms of flexibility and convenience to the parties). This makes it possible to regulate in a balanced way the position of the worker, at the same time fighting against the forms of undeclared work.