The term national brand identifies a mark whose validity is recognized only in Italy. The mark is a mark to identify a product or a service provided by a company. The mark may be a graphical representation, words, numbers, numbers, names or letters with a minimum character of distinguish ability. The shape of the product, its packaging or a combination of colors can be registered as trade marks provided that they allow the consumer to easily distinguish a specific product from that of other companies. The store brand is fundamental to protect their products or services from any falsification or misuse.

1. The first step in registering a trademark is to contact a professional. He will have to check if there is already a similar mark and will then have to follow the proper procedure for filing the trademark. The registration of the mark is with the deposit of the same at the ‘Italian Patent and Trademark Office. You will need to send your application by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by filling in a template electronically at any Chamber of Commerce.


2. The demand for Trademark Filing must be made ​​by completing a special form (Form C) and equipped with all the required documents. In Module C will be required to indicate the class of the product or service for which it is required to deposit the brand. They will also be presented with the certificate of payment to Inland Revenue and the receipt of payment of administrative fees to the Chamber of Commerce at which you make the deposit. In addition to these you may also request a letter of appointment, the priority document and the act of delegation.

3. Once registered the brand will have to wait for the conclusion of the process validation to ensure that the mark is active. The process includes an initial assessment of the mark at the IPTO to verify that the label is consistent with the law and has all the features required by law. then you will do the actual validation activities own. From the time of the brand activation will be valid for ten years after which it will eventually be renewed.