Today, the majority of Italians do not have any homes owned but live in houses for rent . Needless to explain the reasons: the economic crisis already makes it difficult to cope with all the daily expenses and get decent later this month. Set aside some money and then invest it in ‘ purchase of a property, as did our grandparents and our parents, it is really an impossible mission, a luxury that few can afford. Not to mention the taxes that affect the owners of properties is not enough money to buy a house, you must also have one for “keep it.” In short, the conditions are right for all to live in rent.

But beware: if you are both owners and tenants, you have to be careful to do everything according to the law, to avoid the risk of heavy Zionism. Anyone who owns a house and decide to sell it in the location it should regularize the situation through a new lease . Therefore, let us see how you can do so that everything can be according to the law. The first thing to know is that they need to be registered compulsorily all properties leased to third for a time duration that is greater than thirty days. Registration must be done at one of the local offices of the Revenue and must be made within thirty days from the time the contract was entered into.


But before I present the Inland Revenue should carefully fill in the contract, which must include all necessary data concerning both the owner and the tenant. Must attach to the contract a copy of the identity card of both. At this point you can go to the F23 payment in a bank, equal to 2% of the year. Finally you will be able to bear the Inland Revenue with copies of the contract and payment of the F23. After compiling an additional module you will finally be in order.