The livelihoods of voluntary associations are always quite small. May rely on sporadic donations of public foundations or private bodies but would entrust to chance their very survival. Ensure continuity in their work requires constant financial commitment hence the need to find the most appropriate way to collect contributions. Always in fact collecting public funds is the tool of more substantial support adopted by non-profit organization, associations and voluntary organizations in general.

If the associations of small program activities of fundraising should be monitored mainly two aspects:
1) the operational obligations to be implemented;
2) the facilities granted by the tax authorities to voluntary organizations that become strategic as well as cost-effective.

With regard to the more operational say that are usually organized in public places, in conjunction with awareness days or during village festivals or festivities. activities carried out may include gifts (gadgets or food) in exchange for a offer, sale of sweets or trinkets made ​​by hand; organizing raffles, peaches or charitable lotteries, or even just popular and leafleting activities that may attract the interest of some donor to the association. A different way of fundraising are different acts for which the association must respond.


For example, if the activity involves the use of public spaces (a stall for the sale placed on squares and streets), requires authorization of the owner, be it city or province, and for payment of fees for land use. If the initiative is promoted with posters of the stamp is a must and the payment of the posting. The local taxes are regulated by municipal regulations of the individual municipalities for which well refer to it before you start any activity .

Particular attention should be given to administration of food and drink. This method of fundraising involves a request for authorization to the City of territorial jurisdiction, possession of the necessary requirements to the sale of food products and compliance with the relevant legislation toilet.
‘s plan of fundraising activities could also include the creation of musical or theater, works which nevertheless are protected by copyright and as such were affected by the charge to the SIAE. Even this cost burden lies with the organization of volunteers that put in place. The association should contact the Agency SIAE territorial jurisdiction, pay in advance for their implementation and follow the instructions given by them. If your organization plans to raise funds with raffles country or peaches charity please note that the non-profit organization is reserved a fast track for permits as are among the charities to which the municipality can grant priority.

The income derived from public collections in the manner above mentioned non-commercial entities to make income and therefore are not subject to tax, or VAT or other tax. Volunteer organization that has set up a fund-raising is obliged to submit within four months from the closing of a dedicated and separate statement on income indicating clearly the income and expenses of each occurrence or awareness campaign. It ‘s very interesting to remember that donations to charitable organizations recognized by the regional registries.