Buying a house is an important decision definitely and for many it remains a dream for a long time. When he finally manages to find the property that meets your needs, you can already say we have arrived at a good point, but to protect themselves from any unpleasant incidents, it is advisable to carry out the transaction with due care and following certain steps : in the present guide are some helpful tips .

An important ‘move’ to be made ​​is certainly that of ‘pre-sales’, also called ‘compromise’: it is a contract by which, between those who sell and those who buy, is made ​​compulsory for the conclusion of a transaction which decides how and terms. Its purpose is to engage the two sides for the entire period in which you can not make an immediate sale. The ‘direct offer’, consists instead in a form that is usually delivered by the real estate and the purchaser declares its intention to make the purchase of that asset at a given price.


In this statement, you should normally unite the payment of a sum of money as a “deposit” : it will remain ‘locked’ for the entire period of validity ‘of the proposal and the completion of the sale, will be deducted from the final price. Meanwhile, the seller has a legal freedom to also evaluate other offers. It is therefore advisable to set times as short as possible, trying to deliver a minimum amount, but the best choice is the ‘preliminary’.

For the protection of his rights to purchase, in case the seller decides to invalidate the sale, you can apply to the court, asking for the termination of the contract along with compensation for the damage suffered. If in the preliminary contract is a deposit confirmation, the figure “non-defaulting” will ‘proceed even asking for rescission of the contract , holding the deposit or demanding even doubled.