Advertising is the life of trade. This has become a popular old adage that corresponds to the truth. In the global society, each of us is nourished by advertising and often we are conditioned in the choice of products we buy. If you have a business, if you want to sell a product or service can not be exempt from marketing and for this coast, but thanks to the internet you can make stunning countryside at no cost. I will explain how.

The first thing to do is to know in detail the product you want to go and sell. It may seem absurd, but often you can not sell something because you do not know in depth the strengths and weaknesses. cataloged the goods you want to encourage a schematic of a word document, descriptive features, potential. This treatment can also reserve it to a service. For example, if you offer Latin classes specified before all to yourself how you intend to do, why and what is it. This first step is essential to create a web campaign that becomes viral. In the next step I will explain what that means.


Do you remember any movie that you have seen on the internet and you felt the need to share with your friends ? Surely you. E ‘is this the purpose of the viral video has to infect the network through the medium of word of mouth, which is the oldest method of advertising in the world. Viral videos are often irreverent sketch which seem to have little or nothing to do with the product you intend to market. Do you remember the squirrel petomane? That was a viral infection, or to put it into English a viral video . So think of something impact, a small video of maybe 1 minute to shoot with the iPhone and begin to upload it to YouTube, ClipNabber and some other video site. This link leads you to a list of sites where you can upload your viral.

Now that you have started your campaign unconventional with a nice viral video, can you give below with targeted ads. First of all, get a list of free ad sites. To ensure that the site is a great site “and is really free ( find out mid post an ad you steal only time) take a trip exploratory .I would look in the category of your interest and read a few announcements of items or services similar to what you sell. Now that you have your list, you do not just have to write your ad. There are a few rules to follow: clear, correct and without spelling mistakes or typos, changed the announcement (by changing the words using synonyms) and put tags (keywords) to be present on search engines.