Promoting a business on the internet these days is the most effective choice to increase revenues and outperform the competition. The online promotion , however, involves the basic rules to follow, otherwise the effort may be unnecessary or at worst backfire. But what are the means to promote an online business and how to use them?

First, to promote an online business you need to build a website or a blog to which you can refer and to which address so visitors. This space on the web , however, must be optimized for the search engines according to the rules of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), so that – anyone who carries out searches with certain keywords related activity – can see in the first positions the site in question. This type of traffic is very important and profitable, as it is natural.


The social networks are the most used in online promotion , they accommodate this within them millions of users who show interest daily. Achieving good visibility on social networks means achieving a disproportionate number of people with their own brand or business and, therefore, a safe increase in revenue . The most used social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each of them has its own peculiarities and importance, so much so that more and more companies hire people to be responsible for full-time part of the social activity.

Another important means of promoting a business online is the use of programs Pay Per Click ( PPC ) such as Google Adwords . It offers the opportunity to take advantage of pay per click ads and then for each user actually clicks on the ad and visit Costs start from a few cents up to a few Euros, depending on the topic and the competitive position of particular keyword or keyword phrase. Announcements appear at the sites and blogs that have requested the activation of Google Adsense and Google search engine Even in this case there are some real industry experts that can improve the visibility of your ads at the lowest cost possible.

The online promotion can also be done through e-mail marketing. This means that, after reaching a good number of contacts through newsletters or purchase of specific packages, you do not need to do is send – not excessive in frequency (weekly, monthly) – the mails under the brand name of products or be promoted with discounts, or anything else that is of interest.

Another means to advertise an online activity is the use of affiliations such as Tradedoubler, Zanox or SpinTrade. Through these programs, products and services business can be promoted on other sites under consideration for click, sale, registration or otherwise.