The work, any kind of job it is, it must comply with certain regulations . Are there any regulations that provide for the conduct to be observed or a type of clothing to wear. Other regulations bring to the attention of the procedures to be followed in hazardous conditions . Let’s see how you can prevent work-related injuries according to the rules scrupulously.

Unfortunately, it is common to hear from people who have suffered physical damage or have even lost their lives while working. The workplace accidents do happen especially when you do not pay the necessary attention . Especially with regard to manual labor, they should be approached with care. Each site must be constructed so as to ensure the safety of those who work there.


The basic rules to avoid accidents that happen while you’re doing your work, include using all the equipment suited to the case and firmly adhere to the regulations to be complied with. Workers in construction is very important to use a bicycle helmet of safety shoes, the gloves and glasses. They allow you to have a physical basis for the protection of his person.

If you are doing jobs that require shifts at various heights, you should always wear protection and appropriate slings . Each is designed precisely to protect the worker from each case. If you are working with potentially hazardous materials, you must wear a mask, overalls and gloves made ​​of materials suitable for the occasion.

You should avoid having rash behavior in conducting various activities that require adequate preparation. Each site must be conformed to current regulations on safety. There must be emergency exits, fire extinguishers and hydrants to draw from for possible fires .

Every employer should take care to full compliance with every rule. If this does not happen, employees should report any discrepancies to ensure the utmost respect for his work and his life. It is essential to prevent accidents at work putting into practice all the tips and obligations listed in the various regulations.