To exit the media is not as important to be a big company like having something interesting to say and do it in the right place.

Although it seems a privileged few, in fact all we have access to the media . The key is knowing how to prepare a press release and follow a few simple steps to send. The aim is to propose attractive themes, getting highlight and identify the media best suited to the objectives of business communication .

How to write a press release

The press release should be written . Try to approach the issue of so attractive to the target audience. Assesses whether the chosen topic interested you as a reader of this publication, you have to be realistic (is it interesting to someone else for me what I say?) and give an attractive approach . For example, if it has been a major contract with a large company, we can say only that in the headline or mention that this is the only local company that has won a big contract and that will translate into more jobs for area. The second option is more pleasant for.


A press release should explain the main points of the story giving the approach interesting as possible. Not the same generalist writing for a medium, in which case you must give it a informative, which for half the sector, where people will read it with more knowledge and you can go into more technical data.At the end of the press release is fundamental to the ways to contact the company and contact person in case any journalist who wants further information, which would be ideal because the news would have been interested. If the press release can be illustrated with a photo , attach it is good for print media, if they want to include it with the news.

Who to send a press release

When choosing the media must take into account the means of communication offline and online to reach more people. In all cases you have to get the addresses of email and phone numbers of the sections that most fit with the theme of the press release. The traditional media or offline are newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Unless the news is very new or important, the mainstream media tend not to echo what happens in small businesses. But if you try, you must send a press release to local section.

It is more effective for an SME to send the press release to local media or media more modest, with a shorter range but that is precisely why news closer look directly affecting his hearing. Another option is the industry magazines, which they can send texts it is intended for technical professionals. The online media are traditional style newspapers, blogs and web sites that refer to the geographic region or professional sector of the SME. And should not ignore the news agencies : Europapress and EFE are the best known, although there are more. On their websites publish lists of news and newsrooms of various media consult them, choosing those that matter most. Once the news is ready and the media chosen, the next step is to see how to send the press release .