In this guide, I suggest how to best organize the cassette recorder cash. This operation is necessary to keep under control the cash , and then to manage it better. A cash tidy and efficient means that subsequent compilations of financial statements are simpler and complete.

The first thing to do, very simple, is to divide the banknotes according to the magnitude of cutting and then to the corresponding value . Subsequently, you must insert the various batteries in the related divisors of cash , by positioning the banknotes in the same direction , with the front part of each bill facing upward. The coins instead, you can fix this: those of a penny into the slot of the drawer to the left, as in the following five cents, ten cents in the rightmost one, then proceeding with twenty cents. Used in the central pocket with coins, there are three compartments, you’re going to fill with coins fifty-cent, one euro and two Euros.

Put all denominations over twenty euro in the compartment under the drawer for the money . Use paper clips or rubber bands to store five hundred euro banknotes, which will always arranged in the space below the main tray . Keep cents separate name and place them in separate sections, even if you’re in a hurry. Make sure to have available reserve of the packets of all types of coins and cents, to be put in a safe deposit box.


To store excess coins that are no longer able to stay in the drawer, uses rolls of paper and wrap them in them, dividing them by value. When you reach the number one or two euro per roll marks on its surface the value and then proceed to build a new one. Put the rolls of coins in the compartment under the drawer if space allows, or in a safe under the furniture. Remember to open a single roll of coins at a time, in order to make it easier to count at the end of the day. Even when you get the money, put up notes in the same direction and in their appropriate section of the drawer, so keep them well organized and easy to locate. When you get a lot of high-denomination banknotes, divide them into smaller pieces of value for immediate use, and the system instead of the others in the room below.