This guide will explain how to organize a seminar , useful depth of topics and issues concerning the life of the company and to improve his future prospects. Approach is not simple, need skills of organization, precision, meticulousness, ability to problem-solving and teamwork to get a good result.

Choose first the topic of interest of the workshop. Now, select the seat, trying to estimate the number of participants that you intend to invite and consequently opt for a place that has adequate space. At this point you have to send the invitations, or more conveniently by e-mail. Depending on the type and degree of formality of the seminar, you can vary the drafting of invitations from a simple document created in Microsoft Word to tickets made ​​by a professional designer. Send them however with several weeks in advance, so as to allow time for the participants to respond. You must then arrange the refreshments . If the seminar lasts for several hours, it will be very welcome to have light snacks provided, and if you start early in the morning and well into the afternoon, you will have to provide a lunch.


Occupied with great attention to presentation materials , perhaps through a presentation of PowerPoint in order to have a visual reference when you or colleagues exhibit topics. For the participants, you will make a brochure with the concepts, leaving space to take notes directly on them. A few days before the event, should the number of participants more or less clear, perhaps calling them to remind them of the seminar and give a last chance to sign up.

Create placeholder and plates and put at the disposal of the public with brochures and other promotional material about your business. Confirm the number of participants with the organizers of the room at least a couple of days before the seminar and make sure that the catering is enough for everyone. Finally, if the seminar lasting several days, please contact a hotels in the area close to the venue and book the number of rooms needed. Usually, for this kind of events, hotel owners provide the ability to take advantage of discounts and special deals. For the duration of the seminar, constantly trying to inform you of its progress and any complaints, in order to intervene in a timely manner and make it a success.