The company’s services are characterized by the provision of certain services to customers, (differing from other companies because they do not offer the sale of products, but of labor in general). The scope of these companies can be greatly varied (companies for the supply of tourism services, transport, etc.). Below, I will show the formal procedures that will allow you (with the presence of the righteous assumptions), to open a service company.

First, you must identify the type criterion of the corporate sector in which it intends to operate (during transport), followed by the choice of the name of the company and its location. Special mention may be made ​​in relation to the latter, which is preferable to choose taking account of particular data such as, careful analysis of the population (age, income averagely low or high, etc.). Remember that a careful choice of the competence, it is necessary for the valid project’s success.


After identifying the area it will be necessary to draw up a personal project (the so-called business plan , written with the aid of a computer), which indicate the peculiarities of the company that you intend to set up (by stating the purpose of this, emphasizing the social utility, its location, any expenses necessary for its economic construction). Keep in mind that, if in place, or at least in a limited range are present a multitude of companies with similar or the same, the chance that your project is rejected is quite likely.

The project as follows, must be submitted at a chamber of commerce, who will carry out a careful and rigorous evaluation of its validity and local social, or not allowing the establishment concerned In these steps, you will still need the support of external an accountant expert in the field who can provide a series of straight, fix the bureaucratic problems in the future take care of starting and corporate accounts.

Finally, remember that an innovative idea, you can clear a path towards obtaining funding (presenting the business plan, you can apply for a bank loan, presenting adequate guarantees of performance) making use of the legal regulations and the possibility of obtaining a grant.