Nowadays, more and more often, people orient their purchases to products of biological . The search for something more healthy, grown without pesticides and with respect for nature, leading many to choose to spend more, but to bring the quality in the home. Open an organic supermarket, therefore, may be a great deal for your pocket and for the health of citizens.

You need:

Suitable room, initial capital, certificate of eligibility, qualification ICEA

First of all it is important to understand the range of products you are going to sell. Normal food stores, in fact, geared towards selling a particular field. There is, for example those involved in dairy products, some of bakery and so on, but none offers a wide range of items. However, if you open an organic supermarket, you prepare to sell everything from organic exist. Against this, you have to find a suitable room for your needs. You will need to initially analyze the area should be away from high traffic and possibly other activities similar to the one you are going to open. You then need to find a building large enough, with a vast area used for the supermarket itself, and an equally spacious area for storage. Finally, something should be a large parking lot to accommodate all customers.


Before continuing with the paper work, you must ensure that you have the capital available to start. In principle, you will need about 90,000 euro per 100 square meters of shop. This money will be used to buy refrigerators, shelves , boxes, scales, and of course the opening stock of products. Then you have to add to the expense account for the purchase of the building, or possibly rents, and salaries of staff for the first month of work (in fact, you have to start with the assumption that the first month does not occur, a high turnover, because maybe you’re still not very well known).

We must then focus on the paperwork. First you will need to apply for authorization for the exercise of commercial activity. The owner of the company then will go to the municipality in which the rise and supermarket ask to have the issue of the document medically fit. To achieve this you will need to deliver to the common model SCIA , the signaling model certified log on that you can safely download page Once this is done, the City will forward the ASL question of competence, which will be responsible to inspect the structure of your choice to ensure it is suitable from the point of view of hygiene and facilities. If everything is up to standard, the ASL will report to the municipality and the mayor will issue the certificate of fitness and you can begin to work.