In a time of crisis like the one we are experiencing are thinking of promoting the family business by opening a small shop online through which to sell the goods? Not only can you realize your dream, but do not spend a penny of euro. In this guide we will explain how to open an e-commerce free.

Begin by saying that opening an online store is an easy and fun thanks to platforms that allow you to create an online store in a free way. One of these is Blooming. Log on to the site and create a soft free account. Fill out the registration form by entering all your personal data and complete the registration. At this point, after registration, you can begin to add the products you want to sell. Start by loading one and fill out the form with all the details of the product. Continue with the inclusion of other products. You can also see a preview of each product added. I recommend you add the application to your Facebook profile Blooming to advertise the store also on the social network and make it more visible. Thanks to this site really easy and you will have an immediate active online store after a few minutes!


Platform similar to Blooming is Neonisi, really intuitive and easy to use. In this case you can just log on to the website and create a free account. Confirm your registration by e-mail, follow the link that was sent to you. You can give a name to your store and add a description of the products you want to sell. Neonisi also offers you the opportunity to increase your earnings thanks to affiliations and can, therefore, earn based on sales and purchases of the affiliates.

Another great site to open an online store is Gooutlet, thanks to which you can have your video store management (free for 40 days), promote services and improve the visibility of your company Another point in favor of this platform is that it charge any commission on the product sold (unlike other sites such as Ebay). Another site that will allow you to create an online store is FreeWebstore Org, through which you can manage a store without costs of installation or hosting platform allows you to enter, however, maximum fifteen products.