Here I explain how to open an offshore company . An activity of this type is designed to lessen your tax burden leaning to other countries. It is not necessary to have a fixed place , just choose the state more in line with your market needs . The most common types of offshore operations are limited and occur with international trading companies .

First, select the country in which you want to start a business, studying first the advantages and strengths. Once implemented the choice, entrusted to a consultant in the industry that offers you and your team any special training. When you are in possession of basic knowledge, proceed with the purchase of different companies present in states that enjoy a lower fiscal restraint. Much of this market takes place on the network, so try to be up to date by attending websites and platforms that deal with international business . Make sure that these sites are certified prior to making money transactions.


The market for offshore allows you to grow your money tax-free. The United States considered “tax havens” are mainly the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Barbados and Panama. Take care of the bureaucratic issues and decide how to set the company : you prefer to be the sole owner or want to create a real company? The decision also depends on how much you want to invest and your initial budget . Whatever the type of company, you have to go with the Inland Revenue in your area and record regularly. You will be given the relevant VAT and the tax code. Obviously, every year you will be required to report the income and pay taxes occurred.

Choose a name for the company to provide the Articles of Incorporation and any other required documentation will also need to have a nominal size housing and at least one director. Discuss with your tax advisor regarding the implications and benefits of the various trade and transit that you’re going to put in place He will also inform you of any reporting obligations required by the authorities Remember that tax evasion is illegal and punishable by fines of great magnitude and jail, so do not artiness from all of your credit obligations .