Open an Italian restaurant in New York requires not only the ability to prepare for good Italian food, but we need a number of external factors: money, hard work and ability to handle stressful situations. You must also ensure that the facilities of the structure that you want to use as a restaurant are in compliance with the health of the city. It ‘important to note that when it comes to food, Italy is a culinary superpower. The Italian restaurants can be found all over the world. To be competitive, we need therefore of great research and preparation.

The first thing to do to open this new business is to choose the location and then study the market in the area. How many Italian restaurants are already present in the area where you want to open your own restaurant? The chosen location is in a favorable area or is located in the middle of nowhere? If, for example by the market investigation it appears that the competition is too strong, it would be more appropriate to decide to open an Italian restaurant in a different location. One of the areas of New York where you can open your New York Italian restaurant is Little Italy : the latter is an area of Manhattan, with a rich history and home to some of the most famous Italian restaurants in the world.


At this point it is necessary to analyze the activities of franchising present in New York : it must decide whether to join a chain of Italian restaurants, or open their own business. The decision of course must be based on a financial analysis of the costs and business opportunities. Indispensable in ‘ opening a restaurant is choosing the menu: an Italian restaurant can not in fact be considered as such if the pizza or pasta are not present on menu. Consequently, it is essential to choose which Italian food you will serve.

However, you can legally open and operate an Italian restaurant in New York without having the necessary authorizations and permits: it is therefore necessary to gather information from other Italian restaurants in the Big Apple on how to obtain the necessary licenses, permits and insurance. Having defined all these aspects will need to identify the suppliers : it is difficult to identify suppliers of Italians in New York, to this end will be very convenient for advice to other Italian restaurants. Finally, pay a lot of attention to choice of cooks / waiters: the staff hired must speak Italian and might even be better to hire people to make your Italian Italian restaurant actually a “little Italy” in New York.