There are many advantages to open an e-shop: low initial investment, fast start-up, flexible working hours, low operating costs and a wide discretion in the area of inventory management. potentially If anyone can open and shop, you have to consider some key functions to ensure that successful. Once the e-shop is open and active, getting regular payments on your account, we need to work to grow the business and enhance the shopping experience of the customer.

Evaluate the economic feasibility of your business idea . Is to identify and quantify the “niche” that you want to fill in the retail or wholesale. Determine the price range and purchasing habits to which the e-shop is addressed. Find suppliers and established a partnership with a company that is committed to deliver the sort the products in your e-shop.


Define the profile of your target and use it to establish your business strategy. Look for profiles on Facebook or other social media marketing, optimize your site for search engines (Via the SEO) and equipped with discounts for customers on the model of Group on. Invest a lot on marketing, as it provides the best return on your initial investment.

Before you open your e-shop need to write the business plan which include the type of target you are targeting, the product offered and the assumptions of performance (how long, from the initial investment, your business will begin to earn). .

Organize website and online marketing in order to propose a solid brand . This is another point on which you must make the first investment, in fact, the branding and online marketing are two activities that should be entrusted to experts in the field, unless you have an academic base, it is a good idea to decide to make alone. Buy a domain and a space for web-hosting. Rely on a web designer and a web developer to build the site and update it from time to time, provide your nascent e-shop a cart and a counter. Try to arrange the best communication of your e-shop: navigation must be dynamic and intuitive, structured the site in a streamlined and functional. Take as a reference the e-shop for excellence, Amazon , and study it in detail.

Promote your e-shop in the most dramatic possible making use of banner ad hoc to be included on other web sites, create the partnership with other shops that do not cover your same market segment, create the press releases to be distributed on the web and made a list of e-mail addresses to which to send your newsletter to date .

Matches in small and in large Outgrow . Keep the emphasis on quality and service. Expand the product line once tested the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. During the first months of activity of the e-shop should focus on experimentation to find the attractive elements, the ones that work best to attract customers . Use the statistics offered by the counter to find out the preferences of the customers, they are more interested in buying the country or international prefer a range of products over another. Use this information to analyze and adjust the strategy of your business.