Today we have many different alternative that the market provides for geysers our money. One of these, that of which we speak today is income Orange. Surely you have already felt the agony speaking, the complicity of the number of commercials, but we’ll explain everything you need to do to open this account.

First of all you should know that Orange Account is not a normal bank account, but is instead what is conventionally defined as a deposit account. What does this mean? Means that Orange Account rests on your usual account. So you must already be open to holders of a current account at any bank or post office. The essential feature of this deposit account is that, after opening, you can use them at no cost to depositary your cash without being touched by expenses of any kind. It ‘is important to emphasize that the opening, just as its storage, transfer and possibly closing are all completely free of charge (so do not even have to pay stamp duty).


But let’s see how open Orange Account. The procedure is quite simple and the basic requirement, as we have already mentioned, is to already have a personal bank account, either at a bank or a post can choose the option to open Orange Account, clicking on the appropriate heading. You need to do is simply fill in the form by entering all of your information, personal ones first, then move on to their bank details. After providing all the required data you just have to wait for it to come home an envelope with the forms filled out online to sign them and send them back. After the first transfer from your bank account to Orange Account you will always Asa pin code. Your deposit account is open.