As a practitioner of yoga, you have probably dreamed of opening a yoga school. The idea may seem exciting, but could turn into a nightmare for those who have never had an own activity. Thoroughly understand the technical aspects of teaching this discipline and business are two completely different things. Here are the steps to follow to open a school of yoga.

Post your business plan: advance planning will help you make your dreams a reality. Will make you aware of what will be the costs you will face, the number of people who will have to haggle, fixed space that you can afford to rent. Ultimately, a thorough plan will let you define how much risk you can take. More charges will be those of rental space and furniture: consider how much space it requires each student and where should open your school. A good rule of thumb is roughly 21 square feet for each student.


Be realistic about time, percentage of investment and marketing: the time required between the signing of the lease and the opening of the school will depend on how long it will get to open your business. the sum will depend on marketing instead by how many students you have from the beginning. Write a business plan will force you to list literally everything you need to begin and you will discover what the initial assumptions concerning your needs are correct or not. Don’t be surprised and don’t disappoint. Allocates portion of capital for legal and professional advice: your job will consist in yoga and in-store strategy, let the experts of legal issues other issues. In addition to the rent and publicity, you must devote part of investment capital to furnishings, renovations or repairs, electricity, gas, internet, personal trading.

Choose the location for your school. Here you have several options: you can teach from home if you have enough space, renting a studio or gym for weekly lessons or open a franchise. Decide if you want to open your school of yoga in the city or in the suburbs and be persuaded by the most central locations with flow of people, the proximity of parking lots, open and bright spaces and areas that do not offer your own proposal within a few miles. Name of your school, establish the rates and promotional offers. Post ad on internet, attract attention with free lessons or demonstrations, make yourself visible to the public and, at first, be willing to give to receive. And remember, anyone can open a school, but not everyone can keep: Abbi persevering attitude and make sure you have everything in order. In good luck!.