You lost your job that you had and you can not find one like it or any other job? It has always been your ball handle alone your own shop and want to try to do so even if you have no capital? If these are your wishes, or, in this time of crisis, your needs, then read this little guide that can give you some useful ideas on how to move if you want opening a shop without money .

One of the things you can try, which does not exclude other possibilities, is to open a shop online, or through your own website, or through ebay or other websites of the lying kind.

The important thing is that you can manage you time it right, that is the merchandise that you are selling, you must be sure to have it in “storage” (maybe your home) and you must agree with the supplier paying with a maturity far enough away or delayed, so you can get before the money from buyers.

In this case, you must first decide what type of merchandise you want to sell, possibly things of which you are responsible, then you must treat with care the site on which you offer the goods (or the page of ebay ), and advertise appropriately in the various channels that you have to available either via the web (facebook, twitter, etc.) that is not web (flyers, brochures, business cards, and more).


If you want to create a store “real” should look on the web one of franchise brands that may interest you and inform you on how well and cost, then contact them to see if they offer the opportunity of funding for the opening of the store. Also in this case it is important that you choose a product to sell that is closer to your tastes or your skills.

In this climate of crisis another economic opportunity is opening a shop vintage that offer customers the products used in prices obviously very interesting for vintage means all the clothing, books, CDs, and more, used but in good condition can give rise to a real flea market.

Also in this case the choice of products is essential for a successful business: you need to do a survey to find out which areas attract Probably most of the market at this time of the apparel industry receives more successful, but also the objects must have enough pulls a little ‘passion for sales and excellent interpersonal skills in order to push the buyer to purchase.