The computers are not your thing and never would live without them? Why not think to make a change to what you do best! Nowadays almost every household owns a PC and like any technological object on the computer too will sooner or later need assistance . That’s where you come into play you: open a center computer assistance and solve problems that ordinary people, for a few computer skills, can not solve alone.

You need:

* Trained staff
* Exercise room where

If you have decided to open a service center for computer the first thing to do is to choose the staff and this will mean even yourself whether you will be able to deal with this endeavor. For example, if you have no knowledge of computers that allows you to solve any problem a computer can have, perhaps there is no need for you to open this kind of activity. This, in fact, mean having to pay staff to do the work for you, with a considerable reduction of your income. At the same time, however, you should find yourself a good partner with whom to share costs and revenues. In general, a great staff to a service center should be staffed by at least one programmer and an assistant hardware and networks. Found the staff, have to worry of the paperwork.


The paper work is practically the same as opening any other business. You first need to set up the company with a notary. Following this, you will need to open a bank account in the name of all members. With the help of an accountant, then you will get a VAT number at the Chamber of Commerce. As soon as you have found a suitable room for your work you will have to submit to a common statement of commencement of business. As regards the local special requirements are not necessary, but the presence of a sufficiently large warehouse would be desirable. Your business, in fact, take place mainly in the back room, where you can intervene in the PC safely.

Regarding costs, the initial investment will not be excessive. You will not have to buy material unless a counter to put in the reception area and a cash register. If the room is not yours, then you will have to take into account also the rent. For the repair itself will not make sense to buy spare parts in advance, because you can not be sure that you will use them later. From time to time, so you are going to buy what you will, but this cost will be charged to the customer later. For advertising try to put everything on word of mouth: a good friend talker will be better than any advertisement. Finally, try to relatively low prices. The big electronics chains, in fact, already offer the same service to your prices, so you’ll be competitive so you will not crush.