The opening of an estate agent might seem something impossible, when in fact you need to follow some simple steps, all of whom have a key that will allow you to open just codesta activities. Below, here are a few steps that you must follow to be able to open.

The very first step that is fundamental to open a real estate agency appears to be to follow a training course to become agents in the real estate business, which has high importance: thanks to this simple fact, the course, you will be prepared for the exam that you will support the Chamber of Commerce to enable the profession, without which you can not get to the opening of his own real estate agency. For this reason then, at the moment when it begins to follow the course, the concentration and above all the commitment and consistency are requirements that can not miss, because it would risk not exceed codes-to examination.


The second step that obviously segue preparation course turns out to be, as mentioned before, to take the exam for certification of the profession, which will be held at the competent Chamber of Commerce: not to be caught unprepared, therefore, it is necessary learn about the topics that will be exam, which will be provided by the Chamber of Commerce itself, and the dates and times in which these take place. exams that you will incur are two: the first of these is written, and consists of quizzes open and multiple choice questions, which have as their subject explanations provided during the course of preparation, while the second exam is oral type and will be based on issues reported by the Chamber of Commerce. Preparing for the better and according to the explanations course, the tests should pass with no problems, getting the number of Enrolled Agents in the real estate business .

After passing the exam, in order to open a real estate agency is necessary to open the VAT number, simply by going to the Inland Revenue, or the one-stop trade, and then notify the start of its activities to the Chamber of Commerce competent : by this procedure will then be possible to start your own real estate agency and thanks to the various reforms made ​​in the field, the profession of real estate agent can be carried out immediately after the communication to the Chamber of Commerce.

The final step is to do be to look for a place where to start the real estate agency, furnishing it with all the tools, such as computers and desks, recalling that a real estate agent must also have the board to be displayed in the window where There are all the advertisements for houses for rent and sale and must be provided outside of neon sign. Once you start your own business, and it has been transmitted to the municipality in which it is located, remember to deposit in the Chamber of Commerce, which has been made ​​the request for the opening of the agency, all the records that respect or, as the assignment of lease, in such a way that there are no future problems that could jeopardize its existence.

But of course, once the agency has been open, we must respect the little rules that will enable it to survive, such as the offer different types of services and not just, as might happen in this case, of interest only to the rents houses and not for sale, but opt to provide both services, hiring of staff is competent, polite and above all serious, thus avoiding customer complaints and try to do their own advertising agency, in such a way that it can survive in the time, thanks to customers through advertising that will travel to your agency.