The increase in population from outside the Community has Claudetta emergence of numerous phone center, needed to easily keep in touch with their countries of origin. What exactly is a phone center? It is a telecommunications activities where appliances, telephones or computers, are made ​​available to the users in order to send verbal and / or written. Your use of the Service is subject to payment by the hour or minutes. Here’s what you need to know to open one of these communication centers.


With the introduction of anti-terrorism legislation, those who want to start and operate these activities are required to follow a specific procedure to avoid economic sanctions and criminal As with any commercial operation, it is advisable to rely on an accountant to have all the tax assistance Not all required subjects can handle this task By law, managers must not have been declared bankrupt and must not have criminal convictions of some significance, the task can be carried out both in the form of sole proprietorship company.

And ‘necessary to draw up a memorandum, to apply for registration for the start of the Inland Revenue Once you have your VAT registration number of the company must sign up at the Chamber of Commerce Since this is a ‘ activities of telecommunications, it is required to submit to the Ministry of Development of a statement containing all the necessary data required by the body as well as the intention to provide this type of service to this document shall be annexed to the certificate of the Judicial legal representative or an ‘self-certification, a photocopy of an identification document, the original of the certificate of registration to the CCIA A, with an adjoining clearance mafia related to the legal representative.

The documentation must then be submitted to the Inspectorate Territorial jurisdiction for the region of residence. The company will start its operations once made ​​the statement and the Ministry will have 60 days to verify that everything is in accordance with the minimum requirements. The authorization to be released will have a term not exceeding twenty years and may be renewed at its natural expiry. To renew, the firm must submit, 60 days before the deadline, a new declaration. The telephone system that will be installed must be certified in accordance with the use of a written Dita Roll of installers and maintenance.