Maybe some of you might keep in a drawer dream to open her own and open a guest house or a small hotel. Not talking about a large structure , where it would take over a large capital also lead to a lot of experience, but only a small family run guest house that could make us realize the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Indeed, the first thing to consider is the feasibility the idea . In this case, our idea is a winner, or must possess all the characteristics that make any project, the “right project.” Otherwise we risk losing only time and money .


So we look into our project or the “business plan” which must contain the following points:
1. The place where the machine’s design, sea, mountain, city or another, the important thing is that it is an attraction and passage, where to recruit tourists at least in most of the year.
2. The real structure, you can opt for the renovation of a house, or you can transform a large house he inherited into something different, or choose to recognize a structure that already exists, all this depends a bit ‘also by our finances.
3. The funds available, it is essential to have sufficient resources to carry out such an undertaking. Now, the possibilities are two: either you already have money from your investment or have to resort to a bank loan, a subsidized credit for young entrepreneurs, or try to see if there are a grant.



Once you have prepared your project, and then put on paper the real possibilities both economic and organizational, must be evaluated by experienced staff the business plan . At the Chambers of Commerce of the place of residence, there are offices responsible for this activity you will be able to give you an effective assessment of: expenditure forecasts, bureaucratic process to follow, to require permits, forms to fill out, planning the initial investment.
Later in this assessment, the new entrepreneur must register with the register of commerce merchants, then will have to ask for permission and approval to administer food and beverages (required for preparing breakfasts), and also the authorization for the management of tourism businesses . These permissions are obtained easily and quickly whether the person has a qualification for the type of work, namely: diploma in accountancy, hospitality degree or a degree in economics, otherwise you have to take an exam at the chamber of commerce, which is usually done every 3 months.