The literary cafe in the last century has been a fashion very much in vogue, the place where budding artists met to focus on ideas, exchange information, grasp new opportunities. Today, after a long time, at a time when just a click to get in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world, back the desire to experience ancient physical contact. So more and more young people are mainly spread this tendency to make literary cafes of today to offer an alternative cultural exchange. Are bar owners who, along with coffee and croissant offer something more: an encounter with art. So it is an interchange between bartender and artist. The first gives the opportunity for artists to be known. The second store attracts customers in local, then, is an equal exchange: a springboard and fame for the artist, on the one hand, more revenue and publicity for the cafe owner, on the other. Start a business is still a huge undertaking and risky, especially in areas so original i must to risk factors are even higher.


To begin we must follow a bureaucratic procedure needed to open a bar with library, taking into account the double value of the project: books on the one hand and food and drinks on the other. To open a library, not much help. They disappeared the formalities required for the effect of a law of maximum liberalization, then it only takes the registration of the Memorandum and Articles of Association , joining the register of companies and the opening of a VAT , which will be reported to INPS and INAIL.

Then there’s the DIA, which is declared the start of the food industry unique business office of the town where you will find the coffee. Open a bar , however, involves some complication. To run a business of serving food and beverages must attend rough obtain approval from the Fire Brigade. Food hygiene is necessary for the HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Point. All areas affected by the preparation and administration will also need to be adapted to local health regulations. In this regard, it is helpful, but not required, please contact in advance of ASL place to get an opinion.

From the point of view of products, it is necessary first of all to buy raw materials . You can start from the books. Contact the wholesalers, to set the foundation of possible agreements for the provision of the latest books and talked. You can also keep up to date by the catalogs that the same wholesalers provide. To buy (at least 8/10.000 titles to start) must use the first tranche of the capital account and put in an initial investment of not less than € 50,000. As for food and drink, you should contact directly the companies to get to the numbers of local distributors to contact them for future agreements. To achieve materially the idea, then, must be considered that the literary cafe is a very peculiar, addressed to a particular class of customers, book lovers . So first of all assess the orientation and mentality of the people of the place where you want to start the task.

Once this is done then, consider what the city’s most cultural city : the ideal would be to open a literary cafe near universities or sociocultural neighborhood that is frequented by students. Of course, you should know that the concepts of art and coffee, can succeed only in places where there is the presence of many people . Areas such as shopping centers or courses or squares with a high flow of people are perfect. In this regard, it is put in the right account the size of the room , which must be sufficiently large and comfortable, so as to accommodate a large group of writers and artists which is supposed to entertain hours discussing art. To be introduced is also an area where any host exhibitions of paintings and small sculptures by artists not yet famous. Sometimes, they are the same owners of the bar that organize events to raise awareness of an artist, combining the presentation of a book with tips on the best or the best hot chocolate. All accompanied by a pleasant refreshment.

Also important is the arrangement of the environment. Must first identify the type of the room because the furniture can be very different from a pub, a bar, a pastry shop, an ice cream bar, a restaurant and bar. In However you will have to deal with something totally refined, in line with the latest trends of furniture, but also unique. So that the client enters hardly be said to have seen one like it. Relying on an architect who specializes in the field would be a winner. The secret to its success lies in the desire to “investigate “. Start asking a bit ‘around, potential clients and friends what they would find in a cafe, but it is especially important to visit the bar of success, the most popular. Based on the results of your investigation you find a name that will attract the ‘attention and can tickle the curiosity of the specific target of your audience. Avoid trivial names or fantasy look out of place the tone committed instead you give your local. If you can find something totally original and never heard before .