Today, the choice to open and manage an agency of counseling may be the answer to unemployment and economic crisis gripping the country. This type of company, in fact, represents a working reality in constant growth in the Italian market . More and more companies are turning to an external source to search for professionals to be able to ensure temporary support in different areas, from writing a business plan, the allocation of depreciation in the financial statements, through marketing strategies and training of new employees . Very often, companies need advice for a specific problem or need a one-off support : the choice of relying on outside professionals provides the developer to not end up with redundant staff once the issues have been resolved successfully.


As with all businesses, before opening the physics of our company consulting, we have very clear ideas about the kind of service we intend to offer. Specifically, it will identify the special educational background that we are able to provide the end customer. Qualifications, previous work experience, skills, training, references and personal interests will be critical to delineate the offer knowledge that will be the focus of our company. Of course, nothing forbids us to surround ourselves with qualified staff, able to fill our gaps and to propose a total support to the potential customer. This well branched, however, it is desirable only in large consulting firms or those firms that already have been consolidated for some time. Introduce members, employees or casual employees in our company not only generates additional expenses, but affects the type of name / company with which our company is registered and the consequent tax regulations.

Make an appointment with our accountant advisor will be the next step. This professional will be able to resolve any doubts in fact, advise on the type of structure to be put in place and ensure that our future society arising in respect of the applicable law. Depending on the title / trade name used, in fact, our company will have to succumb to certain regulatory and tax requirements. Taking note of the service offered, the accountant will verify the existence of certain requirements of our knowledge, such as ratings, mini licenses, memberships to professional registers (indispensable elements for the opening of business consulting in specific areas of law, technical and medical). Finally, we may advise you about the opening of a VAT-requisite almost indispensable-and subscription to a mailbox certified.

The work of the accountant will not stop here: this will verify the municipal regulations in place, if necessary by requesting permission to exercise the City of relevance, will evaluate the registration with the Chamber of Commerce-process necessary for all those companies who perform broking service- , will require the code assignment for the NACE classification of economic activities. In regard to this condition, will benefit to know that the responsible entity, the National Statistics Institute, leads the consulting business to Section M ‘Professional, scientific and technical “according to the field of consulting, the company dev’ be framed in one of the specific subsections.

Finally, once we have established the type of consulting service, called our company and fulfilled their legal obligations, we will have to determine the location of the office, focusing our choice of all those points that, for one reason or the ‘else, will help us to convey our customers. Again, the type of advice given will play a key role: if we wanted to offer support in the training of staff , we will opt for a studio in the center or at least close to offices, factories, companies. If we wanted to provide advice in the automotive, a possible location could fall in the vicinity of dealers, driving schools or centers of demolition. Once you find the suitable property to house our counseling agency , the armored in a functional manner and we are ready to receive our first customers.