The creation of a new company involves costs and possession of good entrepreneurial skills . Very often, those who would be a significant is hampered by the fact that possesses the necessary capital to open society. Today, the legislation has changed and you can open a company with a very low initial capital . Let’s see how you can open a company with 1 euro.

It may seem a paradox, but it is really possible to set up a limited liability company simplified with just 1 €. This provision was originally scheduled only for those who had not yet reached 35 years of age, but now the age limit was abolished. Open a task in this way, allows to have several advantages, including that of not having necessarily available to the 10,000 Euros previously required to form a company.


To open a company with only one euro, you must follow a well established path. First, you must go to a notary to draw up the necessary documentation that defines the members, the name of the company, the amount of capital and the various details of the administration. Any expenses relating to stamp duty, the secretariat and the notary fees not need to be supported for this type of society, because it is exempt from them.

Subsequently, within 20 days from the time in which it was drafted all the documents at the notary, he must deposit the instrument in the Office of the Registrar of Companies using the online procedure. At this point you can give rise in practice to their own limited liability company simplified. It is used to protect the assets of the partners not making them respond with its own assets in front of the missed payments in these cases will respond only invested assets.

Following this process, you can simply open his own company with a € of initial capital invested. This means having a symbolic one euro deposit, but in reality the expenses that are incurred are more. Even if you are exempt from payment of stamp duty and administration fees , you have to support the expenses of the annual fee of 200 Euros, a registration fee of about 168 Euros and then you have to report the accident to start activities from the cost of 30 €. Despite this, it is still lower costs than the creation of a type of traditional society .