The United Kingdom is very different from Italy and especially not meet the crazy bureaucracy that accompanies our daily actions and that makes it extremely complicated. The times in which they take place practices are extremely faster and you can open a company in less than 24 hours.

The Ltd is a very common form of company with limited liability which corresponds to our SRL and time to be able to open in the UK is very low even when you are not British citizens. The first step is to contact the Companies House is the government agency that cares to register a company. The body requires certain licenses to allow the registration of the company and need you to be in possession of some basic requirements for tax does not conflict with the nation of which you are a citizen.


First of all, so you have to meet the requirements: the Ltd must have an office in the UK where employees work, communications should be addressed to that office and if you want to do in advertising or marketing these should not be directed only to the country in which you are resident. Even the meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held in Britain, but it is said that the company has a Board that can be made ​​by one person. So if you want to open a Ltd you will find a home and take on the British personnel. If you’re going to dedicate yourself to trade online, be aware that you will have to serve a server in the UK. Another fundamental requirement is the payment of the company’s capital, but the British love the simplicity and so there are no minimum quotas staggering: just one pound.

And now we come to the actual documents that you will need to produce and submit to Companies House. First, you need the memorandum in original and not a photocopy, and of course will have to be drawn up English and the same applies to the laws. then should the register of directors and in case you’re the sole owner of LTD is clear that you you are the administrator, then you must also give them the name of the Secretary-General, as long as you have it named. The Companies House also wants the list of all those who can receive notifications addressed to the company and must also certify in a statement the location of the headquarters of the Ltd and the date on which the decision was made ​​to choose just one place. Apart from the time you’ll need to find the location of the offices and for the preparation of various documents for the registration and then the birth of your Ltd just one day and remember that you can do it online.