In an economic environment in which, especially in large urban centers, the furniture market is realized in the presence of large shopping centers and thus where the goods are put up for sale has a high degree of standardization, entrepreneurship inherent in the marketing to detail of furnishings may be an idea economically successful. for example, open a carpet store can be an investment more profitable than it may seem, as it offer the original products which are not available in supermarkets may allow the creation live a niche market at the regional level.

The first step to open a shop rug Anderson carpet shop consists of a preliminary analysis of the feasibility of the project must consider the resources you have available and the various costs involved to start the year. To start this activity may be sufficient to have a really rather large, so that it can act as both a warehouse that showroom, available for rent. It also important that the room is well-kept and externally, so that their customers are attracted and invitational to enter and internally to make sure that does not have the appearance of a fund that sells discontinued items at low prices. The shop will also be equipped with tools for the elimination of architectural barriers, as well as access for people with disabilities for administrative purposes.


Once in possession of a fund to be used for the sale of carpets, you must fulfill all the requirements of an administrative nature common to all operators. This is regardless of the legal form chosen to request the allocation of the VAT to the tax authorities; communicate to the common declaration of logins, open their own position at the Chamber of Commerce and the pension authorities. After placing the paper work, it’s time to get to the heart of the activity undertaken. To begin with the supply of goods to sell carpets! As mentioned above, the important thing is that the carpets that will be purchased for sale are particular objects.