Work on their own is the dream of many, but you have to deal with the bureaucracy and practical problems. If you choose to open a online boutiques, it is advisable to draw up a work plan , on which record the individual steps to move, in order to know in advance what will be the costs, expenses and start-up mode. I will give you good advice on how to get started.

In order to starting a business, you need to open a VAT, not only that, you also have to choose the type of legal entity that will be entered in the commercial register at the competent Chamber of Commerce : a sole proprietorship , a partnership (snc, sas) or a corporation (Spa, Srl). The right choice is vital, as in the case of sole proprietorship and partnership the owner liable for the debts of the legal person with their personal assets, this will not happen in the case of corporations. Establishment costs are rather low in the first case and relevant in the second. For the creation of a sole proprietorship is not necessary to go to the notary, in other cases it is mandatory for the preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.


It is important to seek the assistance of an accountant, given the numerous legal duties and taxes that result from the opening of a boutique . It is good to quantify in advance the start-up costs of this operation, as it will be after those management. ‘s important to find a good local shopping , well placed within the urban area, maybe on a road to walk, but not passing , with a showcase interesting. After selecting the local switches to signing the contract commercial lease, this implies in addition to the payment of the fee current, even the advance of 3 monthly payments, by way of security or, more current, the conclusion of a contract of guarantee. Another cost is represented by the activation or perfecting of utilities such as electricity, water and waste disposal. Do not forget the practices in the name of the shop, to attend at the local Municipality .

Another important aspect is from procurement initial outlay of goods, you should not make a stock too, so as not to steal cash activity in the pipeline is well known that at the beginning of the financial resources are limited, so it would be best not to take personal, but personally manage the activities. Never do if the help of skilled professionals can be critical for the success of the business.