The car as well as an inalienable right to move anywhere, it is also a true passion and it is for this reason that rained down requests for affiliation with major automakers to get a dealership, possibly unique in the area in which you decide to start the business, and make a substantial business. If you intend to open a BMW dealership let’s see how this can happen.

Open a car dealership of the brand BMW may be an idea that can guarantee higher profits than small cars . First, it is necessary to point out that there is a substantial difference between a simple car showroom and a dealership, the latter fact can be opened in the franchise, and undertakes to sell exclusively cars and related products by the brand. Moreover, it is important to know that BMW has very precise rules on how to set up a dealership, so you have to have a room in which to open the business, large and more like the German company requires fundamental operation of real training courses on brand and products.


To open a BMW dealership, the first thing you need to indicate to the German company to invest your budget is to understand how much social capital. The room in which you intend to open the dealership can be both for rent and property and in the first case, the lease must be provided for a minimum of four years. The BMW, if it considers suitable candidate, also offers an additional service made ​​for repairs and any parts, that are shipped (at least the most important) together with the car to be sold. This of course is subject to the amplitude of the local dealership, that to be “complete” must be less than 900 square meters. The dealership mother, during the construction of the premises shall only create the “auto zone”, while that reserved to the offices and customer relations requires additional expenses that are charged to the applicant. Passed the examination of the BMW, the substitute tax and organizational problem closely linked to the country of origin and the precise laws.

Since this is Italy, so you must first come into compliance with the ASL (health license and accident prevention) and emergency services (fire brigade). The next step is to come into compliance with the IRS, so as all activities , it should open a VAT number and you have to subscribe to the commercial register ( chamber of commerce ). Registration for the REC is not necessary, however, if you are in possession of technical diploma commercial , industrial and degrees in law, economics and language practice for the opening of the BMW dealership to be completed by sending the municipality for the floor plan of the premises in which it intends to exercise, and finally the communication must be made ​​to the chamber of commerce that provides to provide data to INPS and INAIL To open a car dealership is essential to have a good knowledge of the industry, not only about the products processed, but also to the way of doing business and dealing with customers.

When you open a BMW dealership, so you must comply with all regulations, particularly fiscal and is also to be put in the budget that you have to take the salespeople, accountants for the accounting, mechanical and pay other operating expenses, which go by the same salaries for employees, to services such as water, electricity and telephone affecting year-end (and not a little) on operating costs. The BMW, with its typical Teutonic style, does not tolerate violations of any kind for which, (as per the notarized contract signed) may revoke the name, brand name and affiliation if it considers that there are no ideal conditions to continue the relationship with the entrepreneur which opens the dealership.