With the concept of beauty farm (in English, spa ), is intended to describe a complex structure with plants and systems suitable for the realization of relaxing the body and mind (such as jacuzzi, sauna and so on). For its opening to the public, (considering the particularities of the sector), you must follow a procedural relatively complex. Below, I will show how to open a beauty farm.

Keep in mind first of all, that the initial investment to start a similar structure, can be significantly higher, however, (with the right guarantees), you can use any form of credit facilities, to meet the expenses arising from the performance of starting operations of the center, (including for example the purchase of appropriate machinery).

The first step consists in the acquisition of a beauty diploma (through the constant attendance of courses). These are generally held by private institutions (but also free at the regional level) have a duration of at least 2 years, and aim to provide candidates with expertise on the subject optimal (giving at the end of a professional qualification). Equal qualifications, can still be obtained by attending internship by the variable duration, which will allow the entity to carry out in the next profession independently.


With the acquisition of the actual diploma, you can go to the Chamber of Commerce of the place, to gain fitness required to occupy the post, (this, issue a certificate attesting the ownership of the qualification at the head of the subject). Consider that to open the spa , you will be required to comply with all the various procedures imposed by the Italian legal regulations (the company must meet the legal requirements concerning the safety of the environment against damage to persons and / or property), and you need to therefore proceed, providing necessary information to set up offices (social security and insurance, common, ASL, Chamber of Commerce). Particularly important requirement is the possession of the certificate issued by the local health authority, proving the presence of hygienic and sanitary requirements , security of systems of the structure .

Requirement is very important, is the possession of the certificate issued by the local health authority, proving the presence of hygienic and sanitary requirements, plant safety of the structure. This requirement is the last step procedures to be followed (and one of the most important). Obtained the necessary certification, it is highly recommended focus in the search for an optimal structure, (turning to an expert in architecture or engineering, in order to assess effectiveness space for the accommodation of machinery, plant, and in general the instruments to be inserted ). Remember to carefully choose the exact location of the center (to ensure that there are around other similar structures, and so go to risks of competition). For questions and information about the industry, you can still contact an experienced accountant, who will be able to provide further clarifications in this regard.