This guide will help you in a very important function for everyday life, that we will give you some tips on how to open a checking account . It can have multiple functions: it is used to receive payments, manage bills and turn on subscriptions with various telephone operators. To open special guarantees are not necessary and should not always be associated with a monthly paycheck. Here are some helpful tips for how to open a bank account .

First you’ll have to bear in bank asking for information on the type of account that best suits your needs: there are many, and with various functions. For example, the current account and supported online with little operational at the branch will be cheaper than the classic account. After choosing the account that suits you, the bank official will give you all the necessary forms, including a birth certificate, marital status, residence and finally, in case you want to support the new account utilities, you’ll have to furnish a copy to the bank to start the operation.


Having received from the municipality of residence all the documents, the bank will be able to actually start the account. Everything will be available very soon, usually within 48 hours, but the time may be longer contract. From then on you will have full use of the account, and you will have a first payment, however small, because the account is actually operating. At this point you can ask the bank associated with the various cards, if they are provided free of charge by the bank. Usually the bank gives you a free card ATM you need to withdraw from all POS in Italy. If you need, please request it. It is often free, and only in certain categories obsolete is still in charge. The ATM card will usually come home after a few weeks, you will arrive separately PIN, which will be the only way to withdraw.

In addition, there may also be a possibility that the bill is expected to issue a credit card, even if sometimes this can have a cost, which varies depending on the type and the maximum monthly withdrawal. It too is very convenient, since it provides that the consumer can make purchases, which will be deducted only at the end of the month. But keep an eye on your expenses without going into the red , the overdraft charges are very expensive!