The art of understanding how motivation is generated within us and how to manage it.

Can you motivate others?

The truth is that every time I ask that question in a course, the answer is usually “no”. No, simply because motivation is a process specific to each person and that occurs in your mind. Therefore, not bought or sold the motivation, nor can steal or acquire. Motivation can only be generated within us.

Types of motivation

Anyway, we can distinguish two types of motivation. A more extrinsic and based on money, rewards or intrinsic congratulations and more from self-fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

Extrinsic motivations are the most known and used by both parents and employers. It is based on the principle of the transaction where a person has more desire to do something the more you have to win in a material respect. It may be money, or any other material item. From this perspective, the more he gains more motivated will be a worker.

In contrast, the intrinsic speaks of those who carry out work in NGOs, do volunteer, develop open source applications (free and accessible to all) as Mozilla Firefox, Linux, Wikipedia, among others. They do not charge anything, in fact, it might even pay to carry them out.


Which is better?

No better or worse, but it is the context. Some scientific studies have found a link between jobs very mechanical and extrinsic motivation. That is, when the work is repetitive and generally does not contribute to the person, the more money, the more it motivates.

But for more mental work involving creativity, leadership and ingenuity, among other skills, money from a certain limit (not too high, by the way) and does not improve performance, but almost the opposite happens, it can get worse. Somehow, the simple act of thinking that there is some kind of reward, it seems that distorts the mental processes and somehow, the curtailed.


Though you are simple outlines how people move, where technology exists behind NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) allows more precise exploration of each specific person and also intervention much more accurate because the conclusion is that the more you know about a person, much easier it will be for her to generate the motivation to move forward. We can stimulate motivation, but definitely, it is the other who is in control to generate power, just a matter of knowing what the trigger keys and help him find and tap.